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Bennett’s Newborn (!!!) Pics

August 26, 2013

You know, I am one lucky ducky. Good ol’ Auntie Julie brought her camera, her trigger finger, her magic eyes and a few thousand hours of her time to get some hurry-before-he’s-21 shots of Bennett. Otherwise known as la newborn session. (That’s French for: The Newborn Session.)

bennett newborn 1 bennett newborn 2


This period of time was so magical, probably because there were literally stars in my eyes from lack of sleep. Right away we knew he did not look like Nolan…or Patrick… but dare I say he looks like me?! Wait till i post my baby pics. (But if you need a hint, the answer is Yes.) Although, these newborn pics don’t so much look like the little monkey crawling on my toes right now, eating watercolor paint and throwing paper. He’s really, really fun. Not sarcastically. He’s really fun. Super big fun.

More on birth story and his early days next…

Halloween (2012)

August 15, 2013

So I was walking around [aimlessly, as usual] at JoAnn’s craft store and they have all their Fall stuff out, which is when I was like Oh Crap I’ve GOT to get these pics up before the year laps us.

Halloween came around when Bennett was a mere eight days old (!!), still on a 2-3 hour schedule of napping, eating, waking (for two seconds), and crying. But of course, knowing I was going to have a NEWborn, I picked a complicated costume to MAKE for Nolan. Common sense alludes me when I need it the most. I bet the Duggars buy their costumes. No wait, I bet they don’t even celebrate. That’s how much sense they have! If they did, they could go as the 500 people that Jesus fed. They should do that. I’ll send that idea to them via carrier pigeon.

Anyway, also true to form, I saved the last 10% to do rushing around at the very end. Also true to form, I made my mom do a bunch of it while I was busy trying not to throw up. Because the only thing worse than a complicated costume is one that’s been ruined by vomit – BEFORE the holiday (all costumes are usually ruined by the end, right?). But wouldn’t it be fun when people asked what Nolan was dressed up as? A penguin with the flu, that’s what. So mom thought a healthy penguin was best (good advice and thank you, mom).

When we put it on, though…it was all worth it. And while we brought the costume, Nolan added waddling to the artistic vision.

Halloween 2012

And Bennett was the perfect size for his Trick or Treat clothes from JuliAnna...a big [very belated] thank you again!!

Like years past, we Trick or Treated with Logan and Jake and came back to our house and visited a friend’s party. For this coming Halloween, I’m already researching costumes like maybe a hand-knitted Elmo or something…I could learn to knit right?! No, I figured out our costumes already. We’ll see how they turn out. They will not involve vomit.

P.S. tutorial on the penguin costume here.

So I’m back!

August 5, 2013

No, really. I mean as far as I can see now, I’m back. :) At least for just photosharing.

The addition of Baby Bennett in our home has been an adventure. He has a much different spirit, temperament, schedule than Nolan – who, not to mention, is a burgeoning nearly-three-year-old in his own right and causing his due havoc.

I’ll fill in on all of that. Totally busy.

But I really just need this as a record book, at least. So much social media is snippets – quick updates via text or photo and even video – but gosh, I need more space. My memory is GONE as it is, so if I’m writing to my future self, my grown-up children, or family in states far away, not sharing the details appropriately will mean they’re lost forever. I will not be an old lady reciting all my stories in a rocking chair one day, if only because remembering snacks and clothes for the boys is wearing away my hippocampus cell by puny cell. So I will pick up, catch up, and move on (dirty dishes be damned!). Oh I even have big news on the dirty dish front. So much to catch up on.

But as I look back at the last couple posts, was Bennett really that little?!?!

Well I guess I better show him growing…

Brothers…at home

January 29, 2013

The most difficulty with Nolan is telling him not to, you know, squash the baby. He loves him. Not any competition (yet)…Nolan is such a big help. He brings me water whenever I am feeding the baby, and likes to help burp him. (Not too hard, Nolan.)

He mostly likes to hug/hold/lay on him and squeal. He does this smiley-pursed lips and closes his eyes and dances while singing, “Nin-nin-nin-nin-nin!” right in the baby’s face. We’ve finally got that under control. :)

Bennett is the first thing Nolan looks for and asks for when he walks into any room and he narrates whatever he’s doing, “Baby spit uppp.” 

IMG_1414 (Large)

So I thought I would do a little photo shoot of the boys, as sort of a time capsule for what they looked like when we brought Bennett home. Here’s how that went…

les boys

Brothers from (the same) Mother

January 29, 2013

Well Nolan could not have been more excited to meet the little baby.

He rolled up into the hospital – literally, he rolled his suitcase of toys up.

He remembered being there with my mom playing when I had a stress test done at about 32 weeks so he had good memories and kept saying, “Let’s go to the hospital!”

They exchanged gifts…Bennett was thoughtful enough to get Nolan a new boat! And Nolan had picked out a dog blanket (what a shocker!) for the baby.

He smiled and laughed and kept wanting to hold him. We were all so happy.

Nolan meets bennett collage

Bennett meets his family

December 18, 2012

People all over the world…join hands…start a love train, a love train…

Bennett got to spend time with all his family members in those first few days…some well-documented occasions…his own little love train.

(oh boy I need some sleep.)

Here’s a lot of people holding our little burrito…


So I’m going through all the pictures of the birth, taken by my sis – and a tall order, by the way, especially for the second one because we had no idea how fast the labor would go, so she was there for a very, very long day – and I find this…


…taken like seconds after he was born. A hilarious moment in time, and Julie was all, “I WAS HERE!” It’s so Flat Stanley or traveling gnome or something. I about spit out my cocktail water when I saw it in the files.

Julie – you are “there” in every picture. :) Thank you so much.

And next, the pics of lil BLC meeting his older brother…stay tuned.

Bennett’s Birth Day

December 17, 2012

More photos from the first day we got to meet little baby Bennett (or Baby Beb-epp as Nolan calls him). They pretty much speak for themselves…Love. Image


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